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> Final Fantasy X-2
 Posted: Jul 21 2011, 09:27 PM
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Haven't done a review in a while, here's one for:
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Final Fantasy X-2

Story: 6/10
I never thought I'd say this, but if you want to play this FINAL FANTASY game for it's story, give up now before you even start. That said, you play as Yuna: Former High Summoner of Spira in charge of defeating Sin in Final Fantasy X. She is joined by her cousin Rikku, and some random girl named Paine for this "Adventure" Which consists of finding spheres. Sphere's do various things in the story from showing peoples memories, to recording them, but they only do one thing during gameplay which I'll explain later. Yuna, Riku, and Paine (AKA: YRP) form the Gullwings whose sole reason for existence is to collect these spheres. They collect these spheres basically because they're BORED!

That said this game does have some Politics that kept the story section in the top half of the X/10 aspect. In addition to the GullWings, there's also the Youth League, and New Yevon, two Rival Sphere Hunting leagues who are at war with each other. At one point Early on, you have to chose which side you want to give a particular sphere your group doesn't like to. Your actions can make the game slightly tougher seeing as how the opposite side will try to kill you, but it barely changes the main story aside from a few minor cutscenes.

Graphics: 9/10
Much Like in the first game (My review found in the link that the whole Graphics section highlights) This game's graphics range from the animated movie quality of the CGI animations, to Not quite animated movie quality of the in game cutscenes. That said, they do look great!

Gameplay: 9/10
If you're looking at this game because you loved FFX's gameplay and you want to experience more of it, throw away that silly idea: FFX-2's gameplay is NOTHING LIKE IT! That said it is not bad, just not the same. Which, in this case, is good not because FFX's gameplay was bad, but because FFX-2's gameplay is just so much better. YRP are the only three characters you get to play as in this game, so rather than gaining new characters as the game goes on, you gain specific spheres known as dress spheres which can change your class. The justification behind this is that somewhere along the line, someone noticed that you could record memories on spheres and thought "Why not do the same with clothes?" That said, your ability to change clothes class in the middle of a battle was quite handy and I found myself switching my gunner over to a white mage more times than I could count just so I could cast Curaga on my party before switching back to being the gunner and going "Gun-ho" on everyone.

Combat does not just revolve around taking the time to decide what to wear though. The truly Turn-based combat of Final Fantasy X has been replaced with the ATB system seen in FF4-9. There's a twist this time though in that there's often a SECOND ATB gauge that starts to fill up after you order an attack, you have to wait for said bar to fill up before your character will actually attack. Timing two characters so that their secondary Bar fill up at the same time will start up a combo attack (With some attacks dealing multiple hits, allowing for more easily available Combos)

Sound: 7.5/10
The main problem with the sound is that only a few of the tracks are that memorable, The victory theme (Quite unique for a Final Fantasy) being one of them.

Difficulty: 6/10
I have a habit of being under leveled during boss fights. I'll often have quite a bit of trouble with an area, only to realize that it's recommended you be about 10 levels above where I am at the time. Maybe it's because I want to move on with the game, or maybe it's because I'm a complete coward and run away from enemies with 1 more HP than the weakest enemy in the previous area just because I haven't seen them yet, That said, most walkthroughs I watch suggested you being about 5 levels above where I am... about half of a chapter BEFORE where I am. So if your expected to go from A to C while making a detour at point B, then I would be at level 10 at point C, where as walkthroughs recommend I be at level 15 before I get to point B. Admittedly I probably had problems at part B, but I managed to do just fine seeing as how I managed to get to point C Severely under leveled without having played the game before! That said, I don't find the main story to be terribly difficult.

Replay: 9/10
One way to make sure your player will replay your game, is to make a TON of side quests AND adding a % complete Meter. This game has BOTH sections covered. (And there are a TON of MISSABLE Side Quests) Did I mention that once your past a certain point, those side quests become unobtainable again? So your going to have to replay the game via New Game + at LEAST once!

Overall: 80%
Final Fantasy X-2 is a very different game from Final Fantasy X, it takes steps both forward (Gameplay) and Backward (Music/Story) But I personally believe that Fans of the Final Fantasy games should at LEAST rent this game (If you can't rent it, try to find it at either bookmans, or at a garage sale)

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