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Mar 17 2011, 05:47 PM
K so I know theres alreday a reveiw out there but, i feel that my opionon of the game should be read as well.

Story: 5/10 - I give it a 5 because peach gets captured by bowser and he runs off into space to go rule the ...umm world? in the center of the Universe. sound familar? yeah well its the same thing as Galaxy 1.

Graphics 7/10 - I'm not that picky about graphics usally but... honestly I think sunshine graphics are better (and I can say that because Immeadiatly after completing SMG2 i started playing it) everything just felt smoother and crisper in sunshine.

Gameplay 3/10 - Okay so where to begin? well for starters when i was playing this I honestly felt like i was regurgitating galaxy 1. same exact stuff in this game as in the first, except they made more stupid. bowser is now 100 times larger than you because he ate a grand star, yeah, the grand stars nolonger "create" galaxys they just make bowser larger. and once you beat him he just barfs it up and returns to his normal size, also you'd think that once you get the grand star it would give you spaceship more power, right? NO, it just flys off into the distance and opens a portal to the next ....world? thats another thing, in this game apparently Universe>World>Galaxys>Worlds. WTF? atleast in Galaxy 1 you had to travel to the "galaxys" through the observatories, not "worlds".
Also this game is way to linear, in the sense that there are now check points, when have you ever seen a check point in a 3D enviroment, this game is a horrible Mesh of new supermario bros and super mario galaxy. the level select is even outlined like NSMB, with a spaceship that looks like Mario's Face. the only purpose that the spacship or Mario Head serves is an opportunity for you to get 5 extra lives (without spending coins/starbits) Is it really neccesary for that many lives? when i was playing through for about an hour, I must have stacked up atleast 50+ lives and thats only getting the extra lives every other star get.
the stars, okay i understand that its a mario game and its suposed to be easy enough that a kid can play but really? this game just dumbs down the difficulty setting even further. and it feels as if the game designers crafted the levels around the stars, 2-3 normal stars per galaxy, and about 8-10 galaxys per, again "world", with 6+1 "worlds" in the game. remeber the good ol' days when there were like 15 levels and 8 stars in each, it was creative. they had to figure out how to make a challenging experience with the levels they were given.
also another thing to bring up is the green stars which are "rare" and can only be obtained after getting 120 regular stars and defeating bowser again, green stars in this game are stupid they are just placed within the same level as the regular stars except they are "hidden" in different pats of the level. I don't mind the IDEA of the green stars, i thought it was creative to have to go to a new height that you wouldn't have gone to if the star wasn't there; HOWEVER because the game is so linear, it gets redundant and boring fast! when im playing through it feels as if im playing through the first part of the level 3 or 4 times, and then if maybe your jump is off and you fall off the ledge, thats another time that you have to replay the same beginning part. Also when you are going through this part, the game feels very slow, like to go to the next star, you have to step on the panel to start the spaceship, then you have to wait for the panel to activate, then you have to wait for the camera to zoom out and show the level select, then you have to click on the galaxy and wait for the camera to zoom back in, then you have to wait to confirm you want to travel to that galaxy, then you have to wait for the star select screen, then you have to wait for the stars to appear, then you have to click on the star then you have to watch the star animation of it flying off into the distance, then you get to watch a black screen as the galaxy loads, then you have to watch mario flying in onto the platform. Finally you can start playing; Jesus Lord! you might as well go make yourself a sammich while you wait, oh durn i forgot you have to sit there and confirm half that crap.

the ending( or lack of ending): 0/10
In my opinion the ending of a game is what really makes it special, SMG2 begs to differ. So you got all 242 stars? you beat the the final galaxy? you got all thoose friggin' green stars? well here ya go: you get to talk to rosaline. yep thats it. you get to read a short speech bubble from princess rosaline. yeah, I'd be pretty pissed off too. In Galaxy 1 there was this cool end of the universe swirling vortex thing that was consuming everything and the lumas sacrificed themselves to save Mario and Co. and at the end pretty much another big bang and it created the galaxy 2 universe. Pretty flipping awesome wouldn't you say? but in galaxy 2 you get to talk, to rosaline. time to climb aboard the LAMEtrain. I personally think this is one of the worst endings in game history.


Overall 4/10
Maybe I'm being just a little to harsh on it but it feels like the same exact game as before; like if someone askes you if you've ever played SMG2, and you have only played SMG1, you could answer yes. It feels that similar. not only that but i just generally don't like the Idea of the 2-D levels, it sounds good but when i played them I didn't like it because in a 3-D Mario game I want to beable to explore the map at my own pace I don't want to be suck on a linear path forced to go 1 direction to complete the level. If i want to play that kind of mario game then I will pick up and play Super Mario Bros. now I know Galaxy 1 was very linear, but not as much as galaxy 2, there were exploration levels in that( can anyone say Beach bowl galaxy) but 3-d marios were all about exploration, In my opinion it reached its peak in sunshine. it had the large level design and the stunning graphics and visuals that 64 could never acheive, coupled with the best gimmeck the series has ever seen, the use of water in more ways than anyone could imagine. while galaxy had spectacular use of physics and gravity it didn't have the same exploration feel.

Final verdict, its an okay game, I don't recomend a buy If you played the first galaxy, most would enjoy it.

Oct 5 2010, 07:58 PM
K so in my pokedex on HG i have 490 pokemon total.

I need : Celebi, Deoxys, and Spritomb. to complete the dex.

Please if any of you have legit versions of these pokemon let me know. Plese help a little boy complete his dream of becoming a pokemon Master!
Sep 7 2010, 03:59 PM
Sep 7 2010, 03:59 PM

k i go first ! DANGIT!
Aug 4 2010, 06:24 PM
k so yeah in the marching band my dot in the drill is A1 so i nicked named myself A1 steaksauce.
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