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Mar 7 2010, 04:29 PM
Unlocking the door and entering the unlit house he notices the lack of excitement that usually came with a job. No, all he feels is heavy hole in his heart and sorrow for the soon death of the greatest man he has ever known.
Walking into the kitchen, he quickly places the tank of gasoline he had brought with him beside the stairs and starts the normally easy task of rigging the detonator. Unable to keep his hands from shaking he starts taking a look around the dark hallway.
The place that for months had been filled with such joyous memories now takes on a new light. The dark kitchen seeming to weep as moonlight streams in through rain covered windows, only to land on the picture they had all taken only a few days before. A scant few days that separated his love and his work. Refusing to let himself think on the matter he starts back to the detonator.
Upon finishing, he grabs a chair and quietly walks back out into the pouring rain all the while desperately wishing he needn't do this. Wishing he could forget about his mission and live the rest of his life as he had these last few weeks. To forever feel both the love and warmth that he once thought not to exist. But orders are orders and as the good soldier he is he must follow them.
It is good that his love and her sister are out at a movie. They do not need be involved in what is about to transpire. So he then hefts up the ornately carved chair and sends it on its journey through the window.
The window's crash sounds as though a thousand souls are begging for him to stop this madness. It shakes him to his core, but it's too late to turn back now. He hears panicked footsteps from the floor above.
Suddenly, his cell phone rings. Opening it he hears Sara on the other line. "I'm coming home soon dear. I'm bringing dinner, Tell dad that if he isn't ready to eat he's in big trouble. O.K.".
As a man in his fifties comes down the stairs he is spotted. A look of confusion appears on the mans face, as if he can not believe what is happening.
All he utters is two words as he simultaneously hangs up the phone and triggers the detonator. Then he watches as the life he had found and the man he had come to think of as a father is engulfed in flames.
Feb 21 2010, 08:09 PM
Well here is a link to a game I made a little while ago.

The main objective is to Collect as many coins as you can without letting 25 coins appear on the screen.

Move with arrow keys or aswd keys.

If There are any problems please notify me.


Go here and click DOWNLOAD on the lefthand side to download.
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