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Welcome to the forums. New special cards have been added for free! But they only last for a limited time so hurry here!
Check the shop for special event items availible for this month only!

There are four competitions going on right now.
Story Comp #1 - The life of Squigglydoo
Spriting comp #2 - Fish
Drawing Comp #4 - Sony Games - Voting
Card Comp #4 - White Stuff

rules and terms
General Rules
  • Spamming in general or spamming of any user is strictly prohibited unless under certain circumstances.
  • Any sexual/pornographic and/or adult content is against the rules, and will result in a ban or permanent ban.
  • Swearing is not allowed, if you by pass the filter it will result in a ban.
  • Uploading of illegal files is strictly prohibited.
  • Do not act stupid it will result in a ban, we don't need you here if your going to be that way.
  • Do not bump old topics, unless it's important, or your updateing a game or artwork. Other than that you will be banned. Also bumping stickies is okay, but don't spam it when you do.

Guidelines Concerning Flaming
  • Flaming is a very serious matter.
  • Flame wars can end up in a permanent ban if done several times.
  • If a flame war starts, then if you were the one to start it, it's your fault, and therefor you are the one to be punished.
  • If you are being flamed by another user, please tell us before it gets out of hand. Don't just flame back.
  • Remember, trying to end a flamewar can help you. Trying to continue it can be against you.

Guidelines Concerning Duplicate Accounts
  • Duplicate accounts are an offense, but in some cases, they are not.
  • Duplicate accounts made just for the purpose of spamming another user are strictly prohibited and will result in a permanent ban for the duplicate and high warn raising on the first account.
  • Duplicate accounts made for banning avoidance will be permanently banned on the spot.
  • Duplicate Accounts made for insulting a user are also permanently banned.
  • We WILL notice that you made a duplicate, so don't try.
  • PLEASE email staff if you want to ask why you were banned. Don't make a duplicate.
  • Several duplicates may result in an IP ban.
  • Any other duplicate account, as long as it isn't harmful, is okay, although making of duplicate accounts is not encouraged. Abuse of this rule will result in a possibly permanent ban.

All skins and images were made by RetroX or Thunder Bro and may not be used on any other website unless otherwise stated.